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Law Enforcement Works Tirelessly

Author: Cheryl Chiasson

While cleaning a crime scene recently I was reminded of the countless hours and sacrifice made by law enforcement. They had been on the scene for hours when we arrived. Their role is a challenging one. The team taking care of the tragedy – from the detective to the officers on watch outside to the victim advocates to the crime scene unit carefully collecting evidence - work tirelessly until the job is done.

Several of them asked me how we do what we do in cleaning up after crimes. My reply was simple – I know that I’m helping someone on the worst day of their life. One of the officers, with 20 years on the job, offered that she became a cop to help others. And she is. She and the victim’s advocate worked smoothly to take care of the family members who were waiting to enter the home after we finished our cleaning role. They showed compassion and heart.

Thank you, officers, victim advocates, the crime scene unit, and support staff for your efforts to make our community safe and serving those dealing with tragedies.

  Law Enforcement Works TirelesslyLaw Enforcement Works Tirelessly support staff

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